Evidence from Case Studies



The following pages provide some key case-studies from my portfolio of work over the last 17-years. These are by design quite high-level; however I hope that they give you a genuine sense of the types of work that I’ve been engaged for nearly two decades.

It is my hope that these demonstrate my wide experience, personal values and ethics, and ongoing commitment to:

  • personal leadership development,
  • professional training and learning, and
  • my desire to share/ dissemination

Cultural Change: Innovation

Industry: Healthcare


  1. Designed an innovation pipeline with risk: yield; return simple assessment
  2. Successfully engaged with suppliers for collaboration (and shared returns)
  3. Successfully took a surgical product to market
  4. Engaged over 100 clinicians to share their ideas under IP model

Value: £ 5.8 million over 2-years

Redesigning the ‘whole system’ for A&E

Industries: Local Government, NHS, General Practitioners (GPs Leads), Social Services and Patient Groups (e.g. CoPD; Mental Health, Patient Advocacy, Local Media)


  1. Engagement strategy and workshops across politically complex local health economy
  2. Redesigned key care pathways
  3. Reduced patient demand along key pathways
  4. Redesigned patient ‘flows’ that linked
  5. Clinical capacity with patient demand across medical, surgical and mental health pathways
  6. Successfully ‘turned around’ and met the national target from Monitor

Value: £ 550 per day for 3-months contract (£ 33,000)

High Performance Teams

Industries:Healthcare; Local Government; Welsh Government and Private Sectors


Used a strengths-based approach to help team members identify their strengths

  1. Built understanding; trained and coached their approach
  2. Built empirical data-set from which to benchmark and
  3. Move to high performance (externally validated)
  4. Used team climate inventory to enable strategic links for business

Value: £ 880 per day for short-term (time-limited) intervention

Executive and Senior Leadership Coaching



  1. Used client appropriate model to help Executive and Senior Leaders to
  2. make sense of their current challenges,
  3. opportunities and
  4. existential values/choices

Value: £ 30 to £ 88 per hour

Improving Value and Reducing Costs: An Integrated Programme

Industry: Healthcare, Local Government


  1. Design a suitably robust integrated strategic programme (innovative blend of MSP and Agile methods)
  2. Coach Executive and Non-Executive Leads on MSP
  3. Train Project Managers on various tools and approaches to fit their needs
  4. Deliver the programme so as to increase value to clients by minimum 18% and at the same time reduce cost-base across 5 business areas by 12%

Value: £ 25.8 million per annum

Organisational Agility: The Paradox of Integration

Industry: Public Sectors


  1. Enhance the organisational capability and understanding of ‘agility’ in the broadest sense of
  2. strategic and operational ability to evolve, adapt and respond in a timely way to changes to external and internal ‘market’s political demands
  3. Train various organisational members to these ends
  4. Help co-create alignment with business strategy
  5. Raise political profile of the organisation given political landscape

Value: Various

Personas that Change Behaviours: Insights & Intelligence Tool

Industry: Private & Public


  1. Develop data intelligent personas based on psycho-social market segmentation
  2. Create innovative social marketing campaign
  3. Create systemic data tracking bench-marking tool for mapping, tracking and insight data
  4. Map behaviour ‘nudges’ with behaviour changes over time

Value: £ 800 per day including bespoke tools


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