Radical Uncertainty: A Time to Let Go?

Happy New Year! In a genuine way I do hope that this year brings a fair measure of joy, pleasure and happiness.

Whilst I do not personally create a list of commitments or goals; I do take time for some quiet reflection by way of ‘taking stock’ of the key events of the previous 12-months. I recall both from memory and my learning journal, what I enjoyed; what surprised me and indeed where my ‘learning edge’ is for the next year.

One thing that has struck me from Theory U has been this subtle idea of ‘letting go’ so that we can be fully ‘open’ or aware to the future that is emerging. This speaks to me of more than self-awareness or what we call emotional intelligence. Whilst the latter seems to be a prerequisite there is also something more?

But what (exactly) do we need to let go off?

What are you holding on to that is distracting you from being more fully aware of what is emerging as a fresh unknown future?

These are worthwhile questions.

Over the last year I’ve been involved in a number of coaching sessions and I’ve been involved in some peer-coaching too. These are some of the themes that clients have shared by way of letting go. I wonder if you can see any that resonate with you?

  • Old beliefs or ideas that no longer work for you
  • Saying ‘goodbye’ as you work through the careful process of grieving and loss
  • Professional disappointments (e.g. not getting the promotion you hoped for)
  • Hurts when people have let you down
  • Friends gossiping behind your back- that came to light
  • An injustice
  • Betrayal
  • Significant sickness or illness
  • Feeling ‘uprooted’ by an organisational restructure
  • Losing your confidence for a season
  • Watching those that you care about experiencing any of the above

I hope that you can find the time to ‘let go’ so that for you 2017 holds the radical possibility of being fully open what is emerging and by so doing you can be fully available to play your part in that exciting prospect.

Take care, Jason




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