The Hybrid: The best of both worlds?

This post really is not an advert. Trust me. However, sometime ago I went into Halfords and asked for their expert advice. Given the type of terrain I would likely ride on (roads and moderately off-road) the expert recommended to me the Boardman Hybrid Bike Pro.


Features and Benefits:-

I recall the chap saying that “You get a lot of bike for your cash” and then highlighted the price tag which provided some small change from £900! #happydays

The website informs us that the hybrid is “the perfect bike for the most discerning of commuters. The superlight alloy frame is coupled with an aerodynamically formed full carbon fork to provide accurate and nimble steering. Complete with Shimano’s excellent 20 speed 105 gearing, beautiful crafted Shimano Deore Hydraulic disc brakes and the superb Shimano RX05 wheelset”.

It then highlights that “this bike is the perfect blend of comfort, performance and function, making it ideal for navigating the busiest of city streets”. 

It seems to me that this bike seeks to address the ‘optimal sweet-spot’ between three key criteria:comfort, performance and function.

This got me thinking whether there are any lessons to be learned for Agile transformational programmes; and more especially, in large, complex organisations?

Using a little of my imagination I think we can apply these three critical criteria in these kinds of ways:

  • comfort. This seems to me to map neatly to the UX role who ensure that the End Users have a first-class experience of any software solution that enhances their day-to-day jobs and more especially for ‘front-line’ jobs so as to enhance productivity, efficient and ergonomic outcomes.
  • performance. Agile- whether Scrum or Kanban for example will look to ensure that any software has high quality. There is now a well established evidence-base of what business and organisational contexts Agile works incredibly well in and when it is less effective.
  • and function. Enterprise-wide Architects add value in this ‘space’ particularly well. Having a well designed Architecture ensures an optimal fit in and between different projects and solutions.

It seems to me that having a transformational programme may well benefit from the hybrid metaphor for large-scale, complex organisations.

Take care, Jason.

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